Kisameet Glacial Clay - Cosmetic Ingredient

The mineral clay deposit at Kisameet Bay was likely formed when a volcanic explosion occurred during the Pleistocene Era, possibly at the end of the Ice Age, causing rapidly melting ice to mix with volcanic ash, resulting in a Lahar, or flow of volcanic debris. This dense material settled in a granite basin and has remained undisturbed over centuries as the central coast rainforests emerged. The deposit has a relatively homogeneous state, lacks any sedimentary layers and contains ultra-fine mineral particles.

Only Known in this Location

Pristine rainforest flora surrounds and covers the mineral clay deposit at Kisameet Bay protecting, preserving and possibly contributing to the clay’s unique properties.

In return, for thousands of years, the mineral nutrients in the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit have given life and health to the numerous plants and life covering the deposit.

Natural Ingredient for Skin-care

Consistent mineral content and particle size, surface area and absorptive capacity make this unique mineral-clay a promising prime ingredient for skincare products.

Samples are available for Distributors upon request and include a Certificate of Analysis and Specifications.