Technical Data

Product Name:  Kisameet

Monograph ID:  03264

INCI:  Canadian Colloidal Clay

Description:  100% natural Kisameet Colloidal Clay Powder

Origin:  Kisameet Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Appearance:  Green to Greyish powder.  Odorless Organic content:  0% Max Particle Size:  < 50 um Moisture Content:  < 2.0 %

Shelf Life/ Stability:  3 years

Storage:  Store in a cool, dry place.  Re-close any partially used bags.  Packaging: 20 Kg Box / FG PE Gusseted bag liner.

Volume:  Distributor MOQ to multi-ton orders

Process:  Chemical-free, slow dried, micronized and air-classified to specification

Applications:  Ideal for topical - non-medicinal skin and personal care formulations, face masks, body lotions, creams, shampoo’s, lip balms, bath bombs, salves and similar products